About Us

Pavé X Art:

Pavé X art, established in 2022, emerges from the inspiration derived from the desire to reach the boundless imagination of all creative realms, stemming from the aesthetic integrity created through the convergence of art, design, architecture, and interior design.

By bringing together different dynamics within its flexible structure and placing an infinite perspective at its core, Pavé X art is designed as a meeting point that reflects a versatile outlook. It encompasses online selections, art consultancy tailored to architectural and interior design projects, and project content co-created or addressed in collaboration with artists. The aim is to broaden the international presentation platforms for artists and serve as a hub for diverse perspectives.

Online Exhibitions

In today's world where boundaries have disappeared, it has been created with the aim of establishing an innovative structure integrated into the art ecosystem by bringing the curated selection dynamic online."

Project Based Art Consultancy 

As a structure that believes in the idea that creative minds contribute, support and elevate each other's imagination, Pavé X art reflects its holistic perspective on its projects with the combination of architecture, interior architecture, landscape architecture, design and art.

Pavé X art ARTELIER 

Believing that creative potential is limitless and that a holistic experience will achieve a unique result with the combination of different techniques and perspectives, Pavé X art realizes project-based solutions, bespoke production, and project-specific commission art productions with its ARTELIER department.

‘Inspired from the aesthetic integrity that is created by bring together art, design and architecture.’


Pavé X art, founded by Architect Merve Sarıkaya, the founder of the award-winning architectural and design firm Pavé Studio, and editor, art professional, and interior & prop stylist Gözde Ulusoy, emerged as a structure where they bring together their knowledge and experiences from different creative fields.

As a structure that supports a creative perspective and remains open to imagination, Pavé X art aims to eliminate boundaries from every angle. By bringing together creative minds such as artists, craftsmen, designers, architects, and interior designers in different cities around the world, it aspires to be a meeting point where possibilities, collaborations, and transformations can converge, evolve, and become reality.